Our goal is to improve people’s quality of life and to promote health in the workplace


The company is as successful as its people.

At Firmafitness, we understand that companies must constantly work hard to ensure that their employees are productive, energetic and motivated. Especially if they work from home offices.

Businesses can not improve performance without productive and motivated people.
So, it’s more important than ever to have the right tools and resources in place to achieve your business goals by supporting your greatest asset, your employees, and empower them to foster collaboration and to become more motivated and productive in the workplace.

At Firmafitness we believe that healthy, inspired and productive employees create successful teams, which in turn improves overall company performance.

We are here to promote the health, productivity and happiness of your company’s employees through various health events and team trainings.


A physically and mentally healthy team works more efficiently.


You understand the connection between physical health and mental health.


You really care about the well-being of your team and you want the best for them.


Looking for a fun, challenging and energetic challenge for the team?


We bring health to your business both virtually and on site in the office


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 Elsa Hundt
Elsa HundtMTÜ Partnerid
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Firmafitness organized a health day for our team. We learned and how to take better care of our health. The results of measuring body composition made you think more about your health. I also liked the posture workshop - these simple exercises should be done every day! I liked that the atmosphere was unforced and free. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our great day and shared their knowledge. Good luck, be safe and healthy!
Maria Arpo
Maria ArpoADM Interactive
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Susie-Ann has brought a lot of joy to our Tuesdays. Firmafitness office trainings are very pleasant, fun and at the same time effective small breaks into an otherwise busy working day. 15 minutes of moving, which gives you new energy and breathing for the next working day and motivates you to move at other times (be it at work or at home), showing that a short period of exercise can also be effective and produce results.
Heili Tilga
Heili TilgaFysioArt Physiotherapist
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The exercises, supervised by Susie-Ann, were effective, well chosen and effective in relieving muscle skeletal system ailments in a sedentary person. The exercises performed supported posture correction, gave the necessary stretching exercises to the musculature of both the upper and lower limbs, providing relaxation to congested areas, and giving the necessary opposite positions to the usual different areas of the body of the person performing sedentary work. Susie-Ann also paid attention to the correct performance of the exercises. Susie conducts various exercise programmes, choosing exercises according to the needs of clients, consulting and identifying the most problematic areas and ailments of clients in advance.
Piret Ude
Piret UdeStandard
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In summary, the 15-minute FirmaFitness demonstration practice has grown into a weekly group training session at AS Standard. This is a training session that is expected and according to which your life is organized. Thanks to inspirational coach Susie-Ann, everyone feels good in group training. The coach's positivity, his ability to teach, the choice of exercises he has done – these are the keywords that attract you to work out!
Marit Pajulaid
Marit PajulaidPost11
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After training, I feel longer and straighter and my head and shoulders are back in the right position. A 15-minute break helps to take off tension, gives you more energy and makes you more racy. I would definitely recommend it to other companies.
Anu Pekkenen
Anu PekkenenLaw Firm Sorainen
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I feel that FirmaFitness training is very useful to me and help me to last until the end of the day. I like that with simple aids I can work through and stretch my whole body, from head to toe.
 Piret Blankin
Piret BlankinLaw Office Derling
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Well-chosen exercises and a further developing plan relax those most important places that remain tense while sitting, as well as improved mobility and breathing. These 15 minutes a week together with an always positive coach help to focus and shake off the tensions that have arisen.
Katrin SaarStora Enso
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Firmafitness conducted two trainings for us - increasing positive emotions and evaluating posture. From emotion training, we received many simple and effective tips for improving mental health. I follow the instructions from the training and discovered that everything is true and works. It's a training that really gains something for yourself. I received a lot of useful information and new knowledge from the posture assessment training. The trainer refuted some of the beliefs and gave them logical explanations.
Helena Pihl
Helena PihlPipedrive
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We have used Firmafitness work-ergonomics training several times over the years and really like how well structured those have been. Also we find that Susie-Ann is making the topic really entertaining to listen and can bring interesting examples.
Kristina Hermann
Kristina HermannEnvironment Agency
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Susie conducted an office yoga session and morning stretching sessions for our employees during our mental health month. Both sessions gave our employees a needed break from work and taught, how to take effective movement breaks independently. It was nice that all the events were organized virtually so all of our remote workers were able to take part in. Also, Susie's lecture about office ergonomics and harvesting positive emotions were both interactive and uplifting and gave our employees tips on how to ergonomically set up their workplace and also how to stay happy and emotionally healthy at the workplace. Both lectures gave employees good tips, which we are going to implemented immediately.
Kristiina Kuulman
Kristiina KuulmanPawaPay
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Firmafitness organized a virtual wellness week for us. The stress management lecture taught us practical tips on how to manage stress at work. The office fitness sessions taught us which exercises to do in front of the computer. This wellness week gave us more ideas what we should start implementing in our team throughout the whole year! We are definitely planning on organizing our next wellness week with Firmafitness.
Kristiina Kuulman
Kristiina KuulmanEllex Raidla law firm
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The 15 minute yoga session organized as part of the health month was a good break for our team and a perfect opportunity for us to do something together. The session received very positive feedback from all of us. Our yoga teacher Kaili was very sweet and professional and the exercises were relaxing and easy and the whole atmosphere was amazing. Since we didn’t have our cameras on, the trainer was probably feeling lonely, but in reality everyone was doing yoga together. Thanks again and we will definitely repeat it!