Workshops are a great opportunity for companies to get their teams together and do something out of their comfort zone that is educational and fun at the same time. Workshops are here to show you your current level of health, raise awareness on healthier food choices, and inspire you to take action.


Would you like to motivate your team to train? he right workout routine helps prevent muscle tension and improves mobility. Bodyscan will give a nice overview of your current body condition and where to improve. Based on body fat and muscle percentage, recommended daily caloric intake etc. will give a personal trainer enough information to guide your employees on a right fitness track.

Measurement of body composition with group consultation for the group (from 10 people).


Posture Workshop

Want to know if your employees are slouching much? Proper training helps prevent muscle tension and improves mobility. In the posture workshop we will be performing different tests that will show you your weak spots.

Posture workshop includes a lecture. It’s a perfect workshop for a team event. Can be organized on-site or virtually.

Smoothie Workshop

Smoothie is a healthy snack that is gaining popularity. If you also want to start preparing quick and healthy snacks in your office, this workshop is perfect.

The workshop includes an introduction of the ingredients, what to add to the smoothie, preparation and recipes for energy boost. Estimated time is around 45-60 minutes.

Raw Chocolate Workshop

Raw chocolate is low-temperature handmade chocolate. Thanks to its method of preparation, it retains all the useful vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and a true flavor. Workshop includes the introduction, the ingredients and preparation under the guidance of a chocolate master. Estimated time 30-45 minutes (+ cooling the chocolate about 15-30 minutes). Fridge is necessary. Ideal for health week or joint team activities.