On-site massage


Forced postures and movements cause pain in the head, back of the head, neck, upper and lower back, buttocks or even legs. Pain syndrome significantly disrupts work productivity, affects motivation and interferes with work-sociality. The solution is exercise/gymnastics and massage – all of which increase the level of health, quality and productivity of employees.

Our clients have noticed a wide range of benefits that office massage services provide:

  • “Perfect way to look after staff’s health and well-being to show we care.”
  • “We reward staff for their achievements, such as meeting targets or going above-and-beyond.”
  • “By scheduling the massage we show our appreciation for the hard work of our employees.”
  • “Our company allows staff to take a small break from the work day so they return feeling refreshed and positive.”
  • “Since we started having regular massage days at the office, it has alleviated stress and given staff the chance to relax, to boost the overall mood of the office.”


Take care of your employees!
Invigorate and energize your staff, while showing them that you appreciate all the work that they do. Your employees are your greatest asset and you want to do everything you can to keep them feeling happy and healthy in the workplace. By providing a professional corporate massage, your company can flourish, without reducing work performance, instead increasing it.
A healthier employee is happier and more effective for both the company and the team.

There’s no need to leave the office – our qualified massage therapists come to you. Each massage is performed on a special massage table or chair.