5 clever ways to simultaneously challenge your employees and improve their health


Did you know that computer workers are the main victims of a plethora of health problems because of their sedentary work? This is something that can easily negatively impact business activity. But it doesn’t have to be this way.


It is proven that companies who value their employees’ health, are more successful.


Different studies have shown that organisations who are concerned about the health of their workforce and invest in different health-related events and programs, are less of a burden on the healthcare system, while also having fewer absences. Not to mention more productive employees, who are thus free to focus on the quality of their output, instead of on nagging physical concerns.


Health events are great motivators. But in order to get the results you want, you need to make healthy choices your lifestyle.


This is the reason why we need to discuss health events. Such initiatives, which have the power to motivate employees to start living in a more healthy way are a great start, but don’t forget that long-term success lies in fostering a healthy lifestyle and for that, you need to organise a health week, or even better, a 30-day health challenge!


Here are five great ideas for HR to keep employees in top shape during a 30 day health challenge,


which offers a fun and playful way to create new and better habits, meant exactly for different teams!

  1. Sugar-free month

Who can say no to delicious sweets? It can be immensely difficult even if you want to, because sugar is incredibly addictive.


It is a fact that overconsumption of refined sugar is not good for our health. Employees who add sugar to their coffee or eat sweets during the day are less productive, because their blood sugar levels aren’t stable, but prone to swing at great amplitudes, making them feel less energetic at low-points.


If there are cookies and candies in your office too,


the sugar free challenge is perfect for you!


Start with


limiting sweets, cookies and chocolate in the office and replace them with fruits and veggies instead.

If there are celebrations like birthdays or anniversaries in the office, try ordering a healthier cake made with stevia instead of sugar.


If you book a health week from Firmafitness, you can order guilt-free cakes and tarts for the office with a discounted price. We also offer a healthy eating training.

  1. 15-minute training


Training is a really important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle,


but it can be hard to find time for the gym when you’re dealing with a busy schedule. Sometimes going to the gym can even feel impossible, esepecially when there are family needs and personal wishes.


A quick, 15-minute session of training is a great way to keep your employees active without going to the gym.


To make the new habit more fun,


arrange a common time for this short,


active break, because doing it together is much more exciting.


Check out the training here.

  1. Take your own food with you

It is common to make unhealthy eating choiches during busy workdays. We don’t have much time, so we don’t think about calories, sugar or the salt content in our meals.


How can you help your employees make better choices?


You can inspire and teach them through sharing healthy and easy recipes to try at home. Better eating habits keep employees energized to be more productive.


Start with


Create a challenge where all your employees sre going to take their home cooked lunch to work.


You can inspire employees with recipe book. To get it all started we can help you with healthy eating training

  1. Practice zen


Unfortunately, there are many employees who suffer from being undisciplined or having trouble with concentration.


This can be exhausting and lead to severe stress, if left unchecked. The solution can be practicing mindfulness. The Pandemic caused a lot of burnout, high stress levels and general anxiety, making mental health the center of attention.


That’s why you can also encourage employees ..


to take part in this mental health challenge and ask them to practice 15-minutes of meditation during the day.


.. ..


Start with



You can ask about yoga and meditation classes from Firmafitness as well!


  1. Practice gratitude

Practising gratitude can help employees be happier and also become more confident


in their work. It can be a little motivational break,


which inspires employees to be more productive and team oriented, so the business results are also better.

Firmafitness offers training to beat anxiety and stress through practicing gratitude. Contact us!