We don’t need new things in our lives to be happy. In fact, we would have to give up some things instead.

What’s holding you back? What does not allow you to develop further as a personality? Is this your partner with whom you have no common goals or values? Is it your job that does not give you satisfaction? Or is it your way of thinking, because of which you simply do not dare to bring changes in your life?

I know… it’s much easier to change nothing and accept what is, than to move on and leave behind what we’ve known so far. Our brains are much better at understanding what we have to lose than what we have to gain.

Here are 5 things we might need to give up in our lives to be happier and more fulfilled.

  1. Unpleasant places

Do not go to places that do not support a healthy lifestyle, such as fast food stands, bars or other environments that do not support good habits. The environment around us affects our mood and well-being. Don’t go to places that aren’t good for you.

  1. Comparing yourself to other people

It’s so easy to fall into this trap when using social media. Comparing yourself to others takes away all joy – it causes envy, destroys friendships and lowers self-confidence.

  1. Constantly thinking about failures

We often focus more on our failures than our achievements. We think more about what could have gone better, how the mistake could have been avoided, but we forget to learn from our successful achievements. We also have to learn from mistakes, but we should also ask ourselves more: “What could I do to achieve the same success?” When we take this time to think about what we did right, we open a door that leads us to more good behavior patterns and choices.

  1. Instant gratification

We like to get things right away! But when we get used to getting everything right away, we forget the magic of waiting. Try to accept that your decisions, actions or statements today may bring benefits only sometime later. But on the other hand, this benefit can be much greater. In addition, various studies have shown that children who are taught to wait for a reward and be patient are more successful in adulthood.

  1. People who do not support your development

Be it a friend, partner or some other close family member who does not support your growth as a personality and who does not bring joy to your life. We often cling to toxic people because they benefit us in the short term but not in the long term. Bad relationships that we stay in for too long hold back our true potential and prevent us from being who we truly could and want to be. Always choose yourself.

What thoughts did you have when you read it?