… why office fitness is beneficial for the company

  1. Absences from work will be decreasing!

The first and foremost reason why employers would want to encourage their employees to do sports is to reduce absenteeism. By offering different sporting opportunities to employees, companies can save a lot of money. Regular physical activity keeps people healthy and they are less susceptible to common colds and other viruses. Selle tulemusena ei puudu töötajad nii tihti haiguse tõttu ning ettevõte säästab raha.

  1. Job satisfaction will be increasing!

An employee who lives a healthy and active lifestyle can work better, will experiences less stress and is also more satisfied with work. Of course, well-being at work can be influenced by other factors, but it is true that happy, healthy and mentally balanced people are more energetic, productive and enjoy their work more.

  1. The stress level will decrease!

Unfortunately, one of the main reasons for absenteeism among employees is stress and depression, especially in toxic organizations. Along with weight loss, stress management is one of the main reasons people exercise. Working 9-5, five days a week can cause stress in many people. But exercise strengthens the heart, improves blood circulation and relieves stress. Also, during exercise, the body produces hormones that contribute to brain activity and also improves mood.

  1. Reduces health care costs!

Many employers believe that employees who exercise regularly help them save on health care costs. Instead of medical benefits, it is more affordable for the company to offer health and fitness related benefits, such as office training. A similar practice exists in many companies to create a healthier work environment.

  1. Improves work performance!

Did you know that in companies that have invested in employee well-being, employee attendance has improved by 89% along with productivity?! Exercise helps the body produce certain compounds that help the brain improve functions such as memory, multi- taskingand problem solving skills.

  1. Employees are more motivated!

Office training ensures good energy, motivation and happiness of employees even while at work. Employees with more energy, improved brain function and quality sleep do their jobs better and more efficiently. There is a direct link between productivity and well-being – happier people are more productive!

  1. The sleep quality improves!

Sleep is also an important factor in living a happy, healthy and productive life. Deep sleep helps relieve stress, depression and illness. However, many people still do not understand the connection between exercise and sleep. Regular exercise contributes to the formation of a stable sleep pattern. Moderate-intensity exercise has been shown to improve even sleep-deprived individuals.

  1. Employees do not leave the company so easily!

Companies with on-site exercise facilities or sports compensation are very attractive to employees. Therefore, employees who value an active and healthy lifestyle find it a more difficult decision to change jobs, and they consider this step longer.

  1. Helps create a sense of belonging to the team!

Working in a team makes employees more energetic, they don’t give up as easily and are more motivated to achieve goals. By training together at the workplace, employees can be together in a free atmosphere and discuss all kinds of topics and projects. In order to create a good internal environment and improve teamwork, it is possible to plan joint training sessions either with your team or to involve other departments in the organization.

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