There are no known negative consequences of office fitness. Except for excessive motivation and energy. In order to perform office gymnastics, you need to get up from your chair and move! Below I have described what happens when you do office fitness.

  1. Better posture

Stretching exercises are essential for a person who works with a computer. By focusing on stretching exercises and doing the opposite movements of the forced position, we restore the normal position of the body, where the shoulders are no longer forward and the spine is no longer in an abnormal position. By incorporating these exercises into your routine, your posture will improve, and back, neck and shoulder pain will decrease.

  1. Increases self-confidence

Going into a meeting with a straight back, head held high and a slight smile on your face gives you a much more confident feeling. Self-confidence, in turn, leads to a desirable outcome from the meeting.

  1. Improvement of blood circulation

When we move our bodies, we also get our blood moving. The blood supply to the brain improves, which helps to focus better on work, ensures a sharper mind and helps to cope with work tasks better. Let’s be productive!

  1. Relieves stress and tension

If you happen to be stressed, exercise will help with that. Different studies state that the positive energy obtained from exercise gives the body a longer-term feeling of release. By repeating the exercise and prolonging the feeling of release in our body, we forget stress and tension and become happier.

  1. Gives energy

Undoubtedly, there are days when there is no strength or desire to exercise. No matter how tired and exhausted you are, light exercises have the opposite effect – they give you more energy. After a light workout, you’ll be glad that it’s done, because you’ll feel good and the feeling of fatigue will be gone. The less fatigue and the more energy, the happier life.

Get up and move!