During the working day, it is very useful for the body to get up and do some movements. The body is meant to move, use it! An active exercise break improves mood, gets the blood moving and improves concentration.

Maybe try something that requires a little more effort? The more difficult the exercise, the better the feeling after the exercise šŸ˜‰

My next exercise looks easy, but if it feels easy then something is wrong. It is important to focus on the core muscles during the exercise. The abdominal muscles should be kept activated and the lower back neutral. Of course not when the head is lower than the hip. You also have to keep your shoulders back for as long as you can, and when coming up from the bottom, the first thing is to move your shoulders back again.

In the video below, it is written at which stage you need to focus on which body part.


Perform at a moderate pace.

Invite your coworkers šŸ™‚