Did you know that I studied computer workers for my university thesis?

I investigated how movement breaks during the working day affect the muscles and subjective well-being of office workers.

When sitting at the computer for a long time, our shoulders tend to rotate forward, and various forced positions make the upper back stiff. I wanted to know if 15-minute movement breaks in the middle of the workday would change muscle stiffness and improve overall well-being.

I studied office workers for 6 weeks. With one group we took 15-minute movement breaks, with the other group we did not take movement breaks. Each week I measured the trapezius muscle and subjective well-being of the participants in both groups.

The results were surprising!

As a result of the research, it became clear that movement breaks reduce the feeling of fatigue, headaches, dizziness and general nervousness and help prevent the increase in muscle stiffness.

Physical activity, both during the working day and outside of work, contributes to improving job satisfaction and maintaining functional capacity.

You can learn more about my thesis here: https://www.etera.ee/s/yOnP5L8EUp