Correct posture is very important to keep your back healthy and reduce lower back pain. Everyone needs to pay attention to their back – both those who spend a large part of their day in a sitting position and those who mostly stand or move.

Back pain occurs when we don’t pay attention to our posture because it causes muscle tension. Over a long period of time, muscle tension can anatomically change the spine (including scoliosis, obstruct blood supply or cause problems in other muscles, joints and spinal discs. Also, the previously mentioned deficiencies can be the cause of headaches and neck pains, cause a constant feeling of fatigue and even problems with breathing.

What is good posture?

In short, good posture is the ability to keep each part of the body in the correct position in relation to the other parts of the body. A very good posture is when, looking at a person from the side, it is possible to draw a straight line from the ears to the ankle joint, i.e. the ears, shoulders, hip, knee and ankle joint are on one line.

posture training


During the day you can find yourself in different positions – sometimes you sit, then you stand, you bend over, you lie down, etc. For each position, ask yourself for a moment: “What is the best position for my back in this situation and how do I do the least harm to myself?” If you change your position, try to do it smoothly, too sudden movements are not good in every situation. When you start improving your posture, it may seem like you have to think about your body positions all the time, but over time it becomes automatic because you develop muscle memory.

About ergonomic chairs

Working wish computer can cause both posture problems and lower back pain. Many of the office chairs we use don’t fit our body or don’t support our lower back enough. However, it is difficult and expensive for the employer to buy an ergonomic chair based on the individual needs of each employee, and therefore they are often the same for everyone. But did you know that even the most ergonomic chair still does not make you sit correctly? In this case, I mention that I am a big supporter of ergonomic chairs and they are really better and more comfortable to sit on than a regular chair, but everyone has to take care of their own body. No chair can do this job for you.

Therefore, the only and best solution to avoid problems arising from sitting in a chair is to stand up. As soon as you get up from the chair, the muscle tension caused by sitting also ends. Our bodies, especially the spine, are meant to move. Therefore, the best option is to stand up and stretch your body and to move!

In conclusion……