When we’re talking about the benefits of exercise for our health, the focus is more on the physical aspects, such as lower blood pressure, a healthier heart, and a better physique. However, it is less emphasized that exercise also improves our productivity and mental health.

Physical activity helps us cope better with daily work because it improves concentration, memory, creativity and stress tolerance. Consistent exercise also helps control mood swings. It is important to create and maintain relationships with colleagues so that cooperation is smooth and effective. When we constantly feel anxious and disturbed, we negatively affect not only ourselves but also the people around us. Mental balance largely determines your success in both your professional and private life.

Training in the middle of the working day helps to increase professional capacity!

The results have shown that on days when employees were involved in sports, they were able to plan their time better, were more productive and interacted more freely with other people. In addition, when they went home in the evening, they felt more satisfied with the day.

But what prevents us from moving during the workday? The most common answer to this question is definitely: “I don’t have time.” Sometimes it is also understandable. We all have weeks when work is busy, deadlines are looming, and things that need to be done right away just pile up. But we often think of this answer instead: “Exercise is not a priority at the moment.” What we don’t think about is that moving during the working day allows us to better delve into our tasks, plan our time, work more efficiently and be more productive. Therefore, it is actually possible to save time with a short training break.

Don’t think of exercise as a personal leisure activity that requires you to stop work, but start treating it as a necessary work tool to be more productive. When you’re not exercising regularly you’ll be more tired, forgetful and nervous – none of these are not useful for you, your employer nor your colleagues.

How to integrate exercise into your daily schedule?

Any kind of movement is good for the body, so choose the training that you like the most, whether it’s office fitness, dancing, walking or playing the drums instead. Among other things, our health is affected by how we feel when performing certain exercises. So, find a physically activity that you enjoy! Maybe Firmafitness training is one of them 🙂