Portable Standing Desk – GetUpDesk Light

  • Quick and easy installation, packing and carrying
  • 8 different heights to achieve the right position for you
  • Allows you to set up a job and work in very different places




Laptop stand for upright operation when there is no adjustable table. Designed to use a laptop and reduce sitting position. Suitable for office, home, cottage or business travel. For use with: laptops, tablets, desk, document holder, music stand and for children. The Upright Table is gray on the one hand and white laminate on the other, which allows you to complete the base according to your color preference.


Attach the anti-slip guards to the feet of the base. Adjust the height of the work surface to a height that suits you so that your forearms and wrists are supported if possible. Place the device on the work surface. We recommend standing up to half the time spent at work, occasionally in a position changing seats. You could start with an interval of 10-15 minutes per hour. See also the active standing table Gymba