Or… should you train with one leg or one arm at a time or at the same time instead?

In unilateral training, exercises are performed either on one side of the body or on one limb. For example, single-leg squats or lunges are unilateral exercises. Do unilateral exercises have more value compared to bilateral exercises? This is what I will discuss in this blog post.

Basic exercises are always bilateral exercises. Barbell bench press, squats, pull-ups, deadlifts – these exercises are performed simultaneously with either two arms or two legs, i.e. both sides of the body. These exercises are mostly performed with both sides of the body, because that way we have more strength to use bigger weights. Despite the fact that unilateral exercises do not usually perform 1x maximum repetitions, they have many other positive characteristics that bilateral exercises do not:

Bilateral training is fundamental in strength training. We are able to move larger weights with two sides of the body, and it is not necessary to focus on training only one side. However, it is worth paying more attention to unilateral exercises, because it enriches the usual training.

Do more exercises with dumbbells and try different exercises 😉