he use of standing desks at workplaces is highly recommended!! But did you know that using a standing desk can also have its own dangers?

Working with an ergonomic desk is like a double-edged sword. We need to focus on the positive side of the sword, i.e. increasing productivity and physical activity, and ignore the discomfort and pain caused by standing. How to achieve this?

An ergonomic desk is like a rich breakfast buffet – without a specific game plan and without monitoring how you feel, you can overeat very quickly. It’s the same with a standing desk – if you work in an upright position for too long, you get tired, uncomfortable, and even your legs can swell.

Too much of a good thing is never a good thing.

I will give you 3 simple tips on how to use an adjustable table. This is a guide to working with an ergonomic desk.

You read it correct!

Below you will find out everything you need to use a standing desk without feeling tired or uncomfortable.


  1. Start slowly

As with any new activity, start small. If, after getting a standing desk, you only work in an upright position, it will be excessively tiring, you will feel uncomfortable, and you will no longer want to work in a standing position. Start standing for a few minutes at a time, for example 5 minutes standing, 55 minutes sitting.

  1. Take movement breaks

If you need to rest from standing, an even more effective rest than sitting is a movement break. If you are just a beginner and have not worked with a computer in a standing position for a long time, I recommend that beginners plan when to work while sitting, when to stand, and when to take breaks. For example, when talking on the phone, take a movement break (walking), write while standing and read while sitting. In real life, you can’t do that, but hopefully you can understand the logic 🙂

  1. The time of standing should be limited

Isn’t it healthy to work standing behind a computer all day? The answer is no. Various studies have shown that excessive standing is also not beneficial. It would be the easiest to remember the following rule: stand for a maximum of 1 hour at a time and up to 4 hours during a working day.