In order to work in an inspired and productive team, you need happy employees.

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One way to make employees happy is to organize a health week. This is not really a new concept, but its real impact has only recently begun to be realized – employers have begun to understand how supporting the mental and physical health of employees is directly related to improved business results and goals.


The main causes of work stress are: short deadlines, excessive workload and lack of a good management culture. However, there are many other factors that contribute to work-related stress, including anxiety and depression.


Wellness weeks or wellness days provide a comprehensive, strategically planned investment in the mental, physical and social health of employees. And it pays off. Globally, this concept has proven itself as a way to reduce healthcare costs and thereby reduce absenteeism.


We have written more about how to organize a successful health week (or day) in your company here. However, if your company is already organizing a health week this season or you’re planning on organizing it, it’s worth checking the last-minute to do list . We are here to help you!


We have listed 5 important activities to pay attention to when organizing a health week:







If you need help organizing a health week, we are here for you: