Is there anything that isn’t online yet? We order groceries and clothes online, work from home, and can even exercise over a video bridge… (Oh but, dry cleaning, roof repair, and car repair aren’t online).

At the beginning of this year, Firmafitness still hesitated whether it was possible to conduct a successful company health week without physically going to the company. Now, at the end of the year, it has become clear that it is quite possible, and Stora Enso is just one of several companies joining us this year for Wellness Week. online.

In November we organizet Wellness Week online– it lasted from Monday through Friday, and we conducted various activities and lectures for the company’s employees via Zoom and Teams.

On Monday we started with a fun office workout woth jokes and laughter. The only thing missing was the picture of the participants. But it wasn’t a big drawback. I imagined how instead of one camera, 100 happy people would be standing in front of me, waving with excitement.

On Tuesday the team could take part in a motivational lecture where they talked about how to restart themselves. In these uncertain times, our focus tends to be anywhere but ourselves. We focus too much on our surroundings and things we cannot change. We should learn to focus on the things we can change, our thoughts, feelings and reactions. The employees received the lecture in both Estonian and English.

On Wednesday we organized a posture day. Good posture makes you feel confident and proud! On that day, we performed posture training and learned to do exercises that support a beautiful body position with the tools at hand – a chair, a wall and the floor. We believe that everyone has such tools at home, and for effective posture training you don’t need fancy training tools like resistance bands, etc., which maybe not everyone has at home.

On Thursday was a day for lectures. If you could have any superpower, which one would you choose? Flying? Being invisible? How about the ability to manage time? Lack of time is a constant concern to all of us. We feel like we are not achieving everything we would like to achieve and we feel like we have no control. Being a constant hurry leads to excessive stress, frustration and confusion. All these negative emotions can be avoided with time management skills. At the lecture, we learned how to start learning new habits and how to sit behind the wheel of your life again and manage your own time and life.

On Friday we wrapped up the week with a yoga session. We moved into different positions through breathing and took our thoughts elsewhere for a moment. In the middle of the yoga practice, it started to snow, which brought more magic to the practice.

Here is also the feedback from the participants:

Hi Susie, you are very cheerful and know how to conduct the training in an engaging and energetic way! Keep up the good work. Jorgen’s lectures were very good and easy to follow, not too serious and gave ideas on how to set goals better. Keep up the awesomeness.

I liked home office workout, posture training and yoga. The trainer a lot! She is very positive, active, energetic and nice, with good sense of humor. It was very funny to do exersises with her and exersises were very easy and understandable!

great lectures, very professional lecturer, useful information/materials. trainings were great. as home office still stay as a priority I guess these kind of sessions are very important. Thank you

Starting from 2020 we are also online wellness weeks. And from now on we also offer all our services virtually. We have Teams, Zoom and Skype as reliable tools.

However, if you feel that sitting in front of the screen has become uncomfortable, your back pain did not stop at work, and you would like to know how to work effectively in your home office, you can read about all of this in our next blog post.