“New year, new me” but this time for the last time

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We associate holiday season with peace and spending time with family and loved ones, but also with overeating, stress and inevitable weight gain. Then New Year’s Eve arrives, where we make various promises to become a better version of ourselves.   Every beginning of January, I see that there are more people than usual in […]

Why Employee Well-being Matters

Supporting employee well-being is not merely a well-intentioned endeavour; it’s a critical driver of employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention. Employees who enjoy good mental and physical health tend to be more productive, make better decisions, and exhibit higher levels of engagement in their work.   The Top Three Reasons for Prioritizing Employee Well-being   Reduced […]

How an arm wrestler became a bikini fitness athlete

  In order to be a good coach and trainer, you also need to work on your mind and body yourself. One thing is clear. The longer you have been active in one field, the more difficult it is to find new challenges. Therefore, you have to be constantly open to new challenges, even those […]

Skillful time management is the basis of a successful and healthy life

168 hours to build the life of your dreams   Before we can talk about time management, we need to talk about spending time.   A person who lives to the age of 79 can use an average of 28,835 days and 692,040 hours during his lifetime. Seems like a lot? Let’s take a closer […]

Stop motivating your employees

Good trainers answer the question “how did you make him an athlete?” with the answer “I didn’t.”.   What distinguishes a trainer from a good trainer is the ability to see potential and the ability to use this potential for the benefit of the trainee so that he reaches his absolute maximum.   Looking at […]

Alcohol and exercising Friends or enemies?

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Building muscle mass, dealing with cortisol, a strong immune system, quality sleep, feeling good and being physically fit are the reasons why we exercise, go to the gym, etc. By consuming alcohol, it is possible to turn all these advantages into disadvantages.   In this article, I will explain why alcohol and healthy lifestyles are […]

How I got rid of my sugar addiction


Believe it or not, I am a sweet tooth. So much so that there have been periods in my life where sugar has controlled my life. During such periods, I could not stop eating sweets.   In this article I will write about sugar addiction, what it did to me and how I got rid […]

3 simple tips how to lose weight

Firmafitness has trained people for nearly ten years, and during this time we have noticed that although people’s wishes and habits are moving towards healthy eating, there is still little knowledge about what to keep in mind when choosing food.   The selection of food in the store is wide, and the nutritional value of […]

Fasting – reboot your body

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April is known as the month of fasting, and it is not a coincidence – spring is the best time to fast, because this way we allow the body and mind to cleanse.   Fasting is one of the ways to cleanse the body that has been used for thousands of years. Old Estonians were […]

5 last minute ideas for a wellness week

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In order to work in an inspired and productive team, you need happy employees. One way to make employees happy is to organize a health week. This is not really a new concept, but its real impact has only recently begun to be realized – employers have begun to understand how supporting the mental and […]